Restaurant hop

After a lovely walk in the Cotswolds, we decide to look for a restaurant. Too loud. Too cold. Too expensive. Too grubby. After trying seven, yes seven . . . we decided on the Swan in Swinbrook. What a good choice.  Delicious food. Crackling log fire. Real ale. Attentive service.  Lovely!
The above was drawn on the iPad with index finger! Quite fun, but quite odd.



Here’s a crest I was asked to do for a lovely super duper, hip hop drum n base design company called Dunk Design. I’ve just finishedit. Painstaking work! I had to keep referring back to the traditional themes you see in heraldic crests. I’ve also managed to hide little cups of tea, and cocktail glasses in there.  They plan to have the crest etched onto glass windows, made into stickers, tee shirts and flags. Yes, I think it will look quite cool!